Advanced Vs. General Wound Care: What is the Difference?

When someone suffers from a minor injury and goes to the pharmacy or local market for products to help with the healing of these wounds (bandages, antibacterial ointment, gauze), this is considered general wound care.

It is the traditional method of treating small wounds. When wounds are worse and cannot depend on a simple bandage for healing, we begin to delve into more advanced wound care.

What is advanced wound care?

Advanced wound care takes treating injuries to the next level. It involves the treatment of more complex wounds using products that are not as easily obtained over the counter. In many cases, individuals must seek treatment from a doctor or hospital with an advanced wound care clinic to obtain this kind of treatment.

How is advanced wound care different from traditional methods of treatment?

The biggest difference between advanced and general wound care? General wound care cannot help with non-healing wounds. A non-healing wound is a wound that does not heal within five to eight weeks, regardless of whether you have been following your provider's instructions to take care of it.

Wounds that require advanced wound dressings range from sores to surgical incisions. Considering the importance of the treatment and proper healing of these injuries or ailments, special products are required.

Who can MedSupply help with advanced wound care?

Wound care materials are important to properly care for open wounds, surgical wounds, cuts, abrasions, and others. In fact, wound care products are critical for swift and proper healing. MedSupply is dedicated to bringing great wound care products to those who need it. We are constantly developing and searching for new products for the advanced wound care field that will improve the wellbeing of family and community health.

The products that we offer are state-of-the-art products that empower people to live a better quality of life while maximizing their comfort.

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